Plagron Alga-Grow 1L

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Model: Alga-Grow Manufactured by: Plagron

Alga-Grow from Plagron is a liquid organic fertiliser based on sea algae that is very quickly absorbed by the plant. Besides natural nitrogen, it contains phosphorus and potassium, more than 20 amino acid, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, natural hormones and ferments. For the growth stage. Nitrogen ensures even optimum growth, whilst phosphorus ensures better root development and the beginnings of a strong, abundant bloom. Potassium ensures the transport of nutrients through the plant and increases general resistance. Does not store once mixed with water.

Plagron has therefore developed the Alga-Groei especially for the growth phase. Alga-Grow contains a precisely balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphates and potash that the plants can directly absorb and which optimise growth on a purely natural basis.  Plagron Alga-Grow contains an abundance of nitrogen (4%), phosphor (6%), potash (8%), amino acids, trace elements and minerals that not only promote exuberant growth and root development, but also simultaneously provide extra residence and stimulate the natural formation of chlorophyll. Usage: Dilute 4 ml with 1 litre of water. Water the plants with this dilution once a week.

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